L-R top row : Idan Reichhardt, Steven Malka, Ido Lugassy, Joe Amar, Ofir Levy, Menachem Fhima, Aaron Solomon, Andres Alvarado
Bottom row : Tamir Kapelian
L-R top row : Joe Amar, Steven Malka, Ofir Levy, Menachem Fhima, Aaron Solomon.
L-R bottom row : Andres Alvarado, Tamir Kapelian, Idan Reichhardt

The CSUQ soccer tournament is an event that attracts and brings together the sports fans to spend a memorable day all in name of team spirit.

During a day full of competitions, the teams will compete to reach the final and compete for the tournament cup. In addition to unifying the sports enthusiasts of the community, this tournament aims to raise funds for the programs of the youth department of the CSUQ.

Let’s play together for the future of our youth and that of our community.

Patrick Bensoussan
President of the soccer tournament 2019


Through my experiences in various community organizations, regardless of cause, level or type of program, one thing I have always advocated when in a leadership position is to never refuse or discourage a potential volunteer. Everyone has a flame and certainly has assets that can be put at the service of our collective good. There is always a position to fill or a role to play in the community web.

A target population of our community is passionate about this fabulous sport and such a tournament can be their gateway to seeing how radiant the Sephardic Jewish community is.

This is what motivated me to answer the call: bring people together, friends to help them navigate this path through the commitment and logistics of a simple tournament while discovering the community spirit and the multiple objectives and benefits of the participation of individuals in the collective.

While being another fine part of the CSUQ’s range of programs, the success of such a tournament can bring young people into the community and potentially bring together new consumers, donors, volunteers or even future leaders.